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Multi Jurisdictional Advisory Services
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Virtual Family Office
Uchi is part of the CELM Capital Group of Companies
Uchi Group provides legal advisory services focusing on African families, individuals, multi-jurisdictional clients as well as multi-national companies operating through out Africa, under the following categories:

International Estate Planning:
‣ Design and Implementation of International Estate Planning Strategies
‣ Strategies for Multi-Jurisdictional Assets
‣ Strategies for Multi-Jurisdictional Heirs/Beneficiaries
‣ Strategies for dealing with Situs Tax
‣ Strategies for dealing with forced heirship
‣ Multi-Jurisdictional Estate and Succession Risk Analysis

Multi Jurisdictional Strategies
‣ Design and Implementation of Multi Jurisdictional Strategies
‣ Multi-Jurisdictional Structural Reviews (international tax and structural reviews)
‣ Multi-Jurisdictional Corporate Structuring and Restructuring (incl. entrance into new geographical locations):
‣ Multi-Jurisdictional Tax strategies
‣ Tax waste elimination 
‣ Review of existing Multi-Jurisdictional Corporate, Tax, Succession & Wealth Defense (asset protection)
‣ Strategies in relation to international developments such as BEPS, AEOI, and EU listings.
‣ Design and implementation of Controlled and Suitable International Exit Strategies for individuals, family, and businesses;
‣ Design and Structural Implementation for New Start-ups and Green-fields
‣ Residence Planning:
‣ Pre-Emigration Planning (incl. Multi-Jurisdictional Tax and Exchange Control Consequence of Emigration);
‣ Pre-Immigration Planning (incl. Multi-Jurisdictional Tax and Exchange Control Consequence of Immigration);
‣ Residence and Citizenship Programs;
‣ Captive Insurance Company 

Exchange Control Advisory
‣ Exchange Controls (more than 183 countries apply Exchange Control rules)
‣ Advising on Exchange Control requirements in relation to cross border transaction or investments (FDI)
‣ Assisting with the regularization of contraventions of Exchange Control Regulations

Family Governance:
‣ Development of Multi Generational Plans
‣ Wealth Transfer Strategies
‣ Implementation and maintenance of succession plans
‣ Development and Implementation of Family Governance Structures
‣ Family Constitutions
‣ Family Dispute Resolutions

Virtual Family Office Services, focused on African families:
‣ Succession analysis
‣ Implementation of Family Offices
‣ Establishment of Private Trust Companies
‣ Establishment of Private Banking Structures
‣ Establishment of Private Asset Management Companies
‣ Establishment of Captive Insurance Companies
‣ Assisting families with governance structures
‣ Future Planning

Philanthropy Planning:
‣ Establishment of NPO's, PBO's, charities and foundations
‣ Administration of PBO and charities
‣ Future Intention Planning 
‣ Fulfillment Planning