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Virtual Family Office
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Virtual Family Office Advisory Services is much more than traditional estate or financial planning. Most professionals have personal stories of clients and families who did traditional estate or succession planning, designed for the distribution of the wealth at the lowest tax cost, and found that both the family and the fortune were lost in a short span of time.

Family Office Planning begins with the idea that clients can pass both their values and their valuables to their children, where traditional planning ends when the client does. Families that have been successful in passing wealth and businesses from generation to generation take a different approach. They do comprehensive planning that integrates their business and personal assets and actively manage both the assets and the family relationships on a continuing basis.

Family Office Planning endures for generations and has as its core values:
- coordination,
- simplicity, and
- peace of mind

in order to create a concept of a "family of affinity" to combine wealth preservation with family preservation.

What is a Family Office?
While there is no standard definition, a family office can be described as a planning science that supports the complex financial needs of a specific family group and acts as their "chief steward" a structured process that:

- supports the financial needs of a specific family group
- Act as "chief steward" to the family, normally a client make use of multiple
independent advisors and it is up to the client to ensure a seamless integration
between advice received.
- Provides personalized service, technical expertise, creative business leadership
and day-to-day management for success

Components of the Family Office Advisory Services:
- Advocacy for the family's best interests
- Facilitating better communication between family members as well as the advisors to those family members
- By providing a forum for discussion of issues not related to the family business
- Determining family values and mission statement
- Developing family governance structures
- Developing a multi-generational plan
- Developing strategies to reduce risk/dependency on the business
- Develop wealth transfer strategies to future generations by educating and mentoring new generations
- Promoting non-financial family goals
- Providing continuity for larger families
- As a family spreads its branches, it becomes harder to make group decisions, strong personalities can clash
- Education becomes more important for younger members
- Developing philanthropic framework
- Clarifying family values and vision
- Evaluating suitable philanthropic targets and the method of giving
- Selecting the appropriate vehicle
- Implementation of philanthropy structures
- Involving younger family members
- Monitor and evaluate philanthropy method, targets inline with family values and vision
- Creating family education programs
- Creating a structural compliance model, to govern the various structural vehicles of the family

What must the Family Office provide for:
- Advocacy for the family's best interests;
- Personalized focus and control over family finances;
- Formal communication processes;
- Opportunities for each generation;
- Ensures privacy and confidentiality;
- Strengthens family mission and legacy.

In Conclusion:
A family office enhances a family's cycle of wealth creation and preservations, by
- identifying family objectives and priorities
- Marshaling family assets
- Clarifying family dynamics and governance
- Documenting multi-generational plans
- Implementing family education programs
- Facilitating better communication between family members as well as the advisors to those family members
- Reaffirming the family's mission and vision

Be careful, more recently bank trust departments and major financial services companies have used the term ''family office'' or multi-family office to refer primarily to financial services for wealthy families. In those situations, they typically are packaging financial services in a new way, and really don't offer true family office planning.

Uchi Family Office Advisory Services provides the complete range of family office services to multiple families, customized to each family's needs. Here at Uchi we base our planning principles on the quote by Charles Lindbergh (1902-1974):

"Our ideas, laws and customs should be based on the proposition that each generation, in turn, becomes the custodian rather that the absolute owner of the family resource and each generation has the obligation to pass THIS inheritance on to the future"

Initial Costing:

To initiate the process of Family Office Advisory Services, we will complete a comprehensive and detailed legal, structural and financial audit on the family. The fee for this initial risk analysis will be dependent on the complexities of the said family, contact us for a quotation.